This 2020 election is classic voter fraud a la Mayor Daly and the Chicago politics of some years back. anyone that is curious about how to steal an election need only to look at Chicago history under Mayor Daly.

The USA needs to have some Federal standards for how elections are run and managed that all states will have to meet. It is simply unacceptable to have the will of the people thwarted in this respect. We need some serious prosecution of voter fraud and corruption but it seems this is not likely.

The Republicans have abandoned Trump. Given that they retained the Senate, A Biden/Harris administration can be held back some in terms of what they will be able to accomplish. Trump does not have that good a hold on the leadership of the Republicans and is going to be allowed to lose just to get rid of him.

Unfortunately this will mean the investigations into the corruption and Deep State actions of the Obama admin officials will end. Nothing will come of the current investigations into Hunter Biden and related corruption. The Democrats will not be held accountable and further corruption can be expected. And lookout for what happens in China now that no one is going to hold them back.

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