This 2020 election is classic voter fraud a la Mayor Daly and the Chicago politics of some years back. anyone that is curious about how to steal an election need only to look at Chicago history under Mayor Daly.

The USA needs to have some Federal standards for how elections are run and managed that all states will have to meet. It is simply unacceptable to have the will of the people thwarted in this respect. We need some serious prosecution of voter fraud and corruption but it seems this is not likely.

The Republicans have abandoned Trump. Given that…


A Go implementation of the Nearest Neighbor algorithm is presented with the charting of the path and supporting report output. A circular set of Nodes shows the implementation is reasonably accurate for the algorithm. The project is hosted publicly on gitlab as noted in reference 6.


This project is an approximate solution to the Traveling Salesman problem using a nearest neighbor(NN) algorithm. A very detailed analysis and discussion of this relatively famous Computer Science problem is covered in reference (4). This solution is believed to be within about 25% longer than the exact solution as noted by Wikipedia(4). …


Engineering a solid High Tech Company


The problems at Boeing, GM, Ford and others are contrasted with the likes of SpaceX, Tesla and more.

Profit vs Engineering

Boeing used to be a company that produced great airplanes based on solid engineering principles and excellent business practices. The same could be said for GM and Ford. …

The scenario called for a desktop app client

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


The project, AccTrakII, is a server app with a PostgreSQL database to track user activity. The initial user interface required a desktop click on an icon to send a RESTful API call to the server. There was no need to handle the server response although an acknowledgment via JSON would eventually be included.

credit Shahadat Rahman @hishahadat

Unmarshal XML with golang

Learning to Unmarshal XML with golang was not something I have done before. Unmarshalling JSon is a more common tasking as XML seems to have lost some of its luster of late if it ever really had any. I was never a fan of XML so when most of the new work seemed to shift toward Json I was pretty much all for it.

Florida Lottery

In my latest project, I have a task to retrieve the Florida Lottery Winning Numbers. I used to work there a few years back as a Java Contractor so I am somewhat familiar with how their…

Oregon coast, thanks Ryan!


People need Power.

Our modern civilization needs reliable and continuous power. Those who do not have it need it, those of us who do have it need to keep it. Neither solar nor wind power can meet the current demands no matter how many batteries you can connect. Take away the subsidies and then explain how that is more economical. Natural gas and new modern smaller scale Nuclear plants are the most ecologically sound power sources. At least until we have widespread fusion plants. Coal is never going to be clean enough and should be avoided if reasonable and economical alternatives exist.

Manage CO2


Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

This is the first article in a series discussing how AI will likely be tasked with solving some of our problems in the near future.

A useful definition:

Strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a theoretical form of machine intelligence that is equal to human intelligence. Key characteristics of Strong AI include the ability to reason, solve puzzles, make judgments, plan, learn, and communicate. (1)

Education is fundamental to a well-developed society. Given that premise, the US is spending far too much money on public schools and education for a pitiful return on investment. The current amount appears to be more than USD 700…

A great deal of the world’s manufacturing costs are significantly distorted. Most of the manufacturing that goes on is entirely inconsiderate of the costs of disposal of the items in the end of their expected life. Additionally, costs are driven lower by designing products for minimal service life and without regard for quality and reliability. Design engineers are constantly required to lower costs but rarely if ever to improve reliability, repair, and reuse. And very very rarely make the products easily disposable. Perhaps the biggest of these is the end of life disposition of nuclear plants. …

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