Good post.

I read about the Sears homes. I think they were called “Lustron” and were some of the first buildings to use a lot of steel. I remember graduating in 84 and reading a light steel brochure that touted the benefits of steel construction. I have built a few stick built homes with help and always thought there had to be a better way.

My #1 son and #2 son work together now still doing stick built homes. About the only big difference now is back in the day I used a hammer to drive nails. Now it is a nail gun.

the tiny homes idea is an interesting one to me as I have a 424 sq ft building currently used as an office but I have been trying to figure out how to make it a home. Adding a bath, Kitchen water and sewage would do it. already has lots of electricity and AC.

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Engineer and veteran, 13 years of Design Engineering, 20+ years in Software Engineering, Go enthusiast. I read a lot, write some too,

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