I have written several crypto trading bots in Go for both Binance and Coinbase. I used a variety of technical Indicators as you have described and combined them in lots of different ways.

I have to say that none of them were successful and it only cost me about $10K and a huge headache when tax time came around to satisfy the IRS.

In the end I concluded a buy and hold was the best strategy. The difficulty of getting fills on orders at the price desired was definitely a problem. The markets are not very amenable to small investors and trading fees build up quickly.

A really big issue in my mind was no matter what you are using for Technical Indicators, they are all based on only 3 variables, price, volume and time. In crypto there is not much to consider like in stock trading where a company has some fundamental assets, sales or projections of market values etc.

It is an interesting problem and crypto remains a potential for making lots of money. But it is not a simple and easy solution to the get rich quick problem.

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