What about AI and androids? I watch a lot of Sci-Fi tv and I am always disappointed that they do not make better use of AI, and the potentials there. I think AI will be the single biggest tech innovation in the future. It will likely invade most professions as it has already done so for Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Teachers, Drivers, Soldiers, Politicians (sooner the better) and what else? It will start out as helper capabilities and eventually take on more and more responsibility.

Androids, will likely be linked into the AI and each other so it will not make sense to give them the right to vote, or will it? they might start out as property and be treated only a little better than slaves but they might gain rights, freedom, and Liberty.

I would also mention space habitats akin to what Bezos wants to build. No reason to consider living on Mars when you can have a very nice home in a big O’Neil cylinder in space. Planets and asteroids will come to be seen as natural resources to be exploited for building more space habitats.

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Engineer and veteran, 13 years of Design Engineering, 20+ years in Software Engineering, Go enthusiast. I read a lot, write some too, ivank2139@protonmail.com

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